Landscapers can tell you what they do.
Customers can tell you how well they do it.

Bloom! has transformed my yard from the ordinary to the spectacular. I am so pleased with the results of your design and plantings. The colors and textures are well organized and appealing to me and others who have seen my yard. The selection of perennials, shrubs and trees brings surprises throughout the year. The color changes are dramatic and inspiring. Thank you for a job well done.

― Tom Mueller, Greenfield


I am so happy with the garden design Kristyn has created in our yard. I get compliments all the time from my neighbors and also from strangers that drive or walk by Wisconsin Avenue. She is very knowledgeable about plants which will grow best in certain soil types and areas of sunlight exposure. She provides pictures of different plants to choose from. I’m very picky about color scheme, and she takes all that into consideration.

Another wonderful service for us was that she took care of our gardens when we were away from home. We have a cabin in Hayward, WI, so that was fantastic. I always came home to clean, well-watered and weeded gardens. She’s very flexible about all our different needs. She doesn’t plant and then just go away. We are happy to have her in the neighborhood!

―  Sandra Mulloolly, Wauwatosa


We were very pleased with the service and the product provided by Bloom! this past holiday service.  Kristyn responded very promptly to our inquiry about holiday décor for the exterior of our home.  She was willing to work within the budget and time constraints which we indicated.  Kristyn’s selection of colors and style was very original and nontraditional. We are very pleased with the results. The décor was installed by Bloom!, but we were able to remove it and store it until next holiday season, without difficulty.  We are looking forward to using Bloom! again.

―  Susan McNally, Wauwatosa


Bloom! listened to input from the women who use our courtyard and delivered more than we asked! This outdoor space was a mess. The trees were sick, and the weeds were healthy. We wanted and needed beauty, color and structure, but we also wanted low upkeep.

Bloom! diagnosed plant health problems, and transformed weed-infested soil into better growing conditions. A bird and butterfly garden, herb garden and other defined spaces were created with flowers, herbs and shrubs that added levels of interest we had never experienced. We got what we wanted and love the beautiful gardens that were created.

― Chris Warner
Salvatorian Sisters Residence, Milwaukee


I recommend Bloom! to anyone who wants a beautiful landscape with eco-friendly service you can trust. My yard is small, but we got big service!

Our front yard was in poor shape. We either had flood conditions from adjacent properties draining into ours or drought. I simply didn’t look at it unless the lawn needed to be mowed, which was part of the problem. I hated mowing and didn’t like using chemicals. I couldn’t get anything to grow in our shady yard. Every plant I brought home from the garden center croaked.

Bloom! presented a plan that resolved our major concerns. Our yard was completely regraded, improving drainage issues dramatically. Bloom! replaced our entire lawn with an exciting variety of flowering shrubs and perennials that I never thought we could have in a small, shady yard. We now look at our front yard every day to see what is blooming rather than what needs to be mowed.

We weren’t left to fend for ourselves when the job was done. We were told how to care for our new plantings and what to do when they were established. Other companies are just starting to realize that earth-friendly solutions are an option, but Bloom! puts them into the planning.

― Linda Hoover, West Allis


The service provided by Bloom! is way above average in creating and maintaining a garden. Bloom!’s selection of flowers is very original and pleasing to the eyes. When our landscape was redesigned, some of our old plants were updated with more interesting and superior plants. Keeping our landscape watered properly is a challenge for us. Bloom! came up with an outstanding solution for keeping our pots and gardens watered.

Kristyn is very easy to work with, and she communicates her plans and listens to our ideas, so we can work in harmony. She works hard to minimize costs. Her work is highly satisfactory. We are pleased with what Bloom! has done to beautify our home.

―  Russell Gamble, Whitefish Bay


Kristyn is a very talented landscape design artist and knowledgeable horticulturist. We have learned a lot from her about our plants and will definitely continue to work with Bloom! Landscaping for our future landscaping needs.

After purchasing a 12-year-old home with very crowded and overgrown landscaping, we consulted with numerous, pricey landscape companies who recommended starting over with all new plantings. Only Bloom! Landscaping saw our home’s landscaping potential and took the time to work with us to preserve and transplant many of the plants we already had.

― Naomi Hobson, Sussex


My husband and I are very happy with Kristyn’s attention to detail, knowledge, hard work, dedication to us as her clients, and especially the finished product. We have had so many compliments on our yard from neighbors who walk through the subdivision. Stop by and take a look!

Bloom! Landscaping’s quote gave us so much more for our dollar, compared to another landscaper’s quote: many more plantings, very personalized service in the form of floral and tree options that work best in our soil-and-critter environment, pre-planting soil testing, time spent on the job carefully making sure everything is perfect (Kristyn is the one you will see doing the work), and she also provided a maintenance schedule for homeowners like us who want to keep our yard looking as beautiful as the day the work was completed.

Kristyn really enjoys what she does – it’s evident from her conversations with clients. She understands native Wisconsin plants, pointed them out in our yard, and provided interesting facts about them. She’s conscientious and thoughtful and takes her time working with clients during the analysis, planning, and visualization stages. She has stopped back to see how the plantings are doing and offered additional tips on their care.

2012 was a summer of extreme heat and little precipitation. According to TV news reports, many landscapers saw few orders coming in. As a testimonial to Kristyn’s work, she was quite busy during this same season, as a result of her clients’ referrals.

― Carol Schmidt-Tatman, Greenfield, WI


I am completely in love with the Christmas décor Bloom! created for my front entrance. It’s truly the most beautiful display I have ever seen. The quality of craftsmanship and creative choice of materials are much better than anything I’ve found in any store. I could not be happier!

―  Sandra Mulloolly, Wauwatosa