Landscape Maintenance

Beautiful landscapes look great for a reason.
They have excellent health care plans.

If your plants could dial, they’d call Bloom! We look forward to pampering your plants with traditional horticultural practices that help keep your landscape blooming with natural beauty.

Whether you need a little support or a lot, we can help you maintain and enhance your landscape investment. We follow Plant Health Care (PHC) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that are tailored to your site and healthiest for your plants, the environment and your family.

“The service provided by Bloom! is way above average in creating and maintaining a garden.”
The service provided by Bloom! is way above average in creating and maintaining a garden. Bloom!’s selection of flowers is very original and pleasing to the eyes. When our landscape was redesigned, some of our old plants were updated with more interesting and superior plants. Keeping our landscape watered properly is a challenge for us. Bloom! came up with an outstanding solution for keeping our pots and gardens watered.

Kristyn is very easy to work with, and she communicates her plans and listens to our ideas, so we can work in harmony. She works hard to minimize costs. Her work is highly satisfactory. We are pleased with what Bloom! has done to beautify our home.
 ―  Russell Gamble, Whitefish Bay

Pest & Disease Management

Most  landscape plant problems can be kept in check with simple manual and natural control methods that are safer for beneficial insects, children, pets and the environment. Pesticides may be necessary to combat certain hooligans and heavy outbreaks caused by environmental conditions like high humidity or persistent drought.

Weed Control

Manual and chemical weeding methods are applied as appropriate for specific weed types and population levels.

Perennial, Annual & Bulb Care

Flowering plants are deadheaded, pinched and cut back to maximize flowering performance, aesthetic appeal and plant health.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

In addition to maintaining a tidy appearance, emphasis is placed on training and structural pruning to develop beautifully formed trees and shrubs over the long term. Managing small branching issues prevents them from becoming large, expensive problems down the road that can affect the aesthetic value of a mature tree or shrub.


Planting beds and trees are mulched at the appropriate depth for specific plant materials. Proper mulching not only looks good but aids root protection, weed suppression, moisture retention and nutrient replenishment.